Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Special services
Special services

Other personal or special services such as those listed below are available by request. Please contact the parish rector to schedule an appointment or service.

  • Baptism
  • House Blessings
  • Moleben
  • Pannikhidas
  • Weddings
  •  Funerals, for Orthodox

Suggested Donations

Often donations are solicited by families for the church or charity at the time of a parishioner’s death. Please consult with the Parish Priest if you are interested in making memorial donations (including special liturgical items, or designated funds) in memory of loved ones. Funeral directors can also give advice on appropriate gifts to parish or clergy for funeral services.

There are no sacramental fees. Parish members provide the financial support for the ongoing life of the parish.  Quite often, a question arises regarding honorariums for the clergy and/or donations to the church. There are various customs and traditions. These tokens of appreciation are not obligatory and are left up to the individual.  In no case will a Special Service be refused for lack of a donation to the Church or Clergy.

Please note that a Baptism or wedding often requires several weeks/months advance notice as appropriate.  This is so that those who are to be baptized are able to complete a period of catechetical instruction or in the case of marriage complete a period of premarital counseling. 

If you would like to have your child/infant baptized one of the you (either the father or mother) must be an Orthodox Christian, as well as the godparent. It is also customary to have attended services at our parish or your home parish on a frequent basis as a sign that you will raise your child in the Orthodox faith.
Advance notice is not required for Holy Baptism in case of emergency where the person is gravely ill/near death.