The Liturgy of St. Gregory the Great and the Ordination of Deacon David Kinghorn - 05/26/12

On Saturday, May 16, the Liturgy of St. Gregory the Great was celebrated by His Grace, Bishop Jerome and was co-served by the parish rector Archpriest Seraphim Stephens and Priest Jason Dechenne the parish’s assistant pastor. Fr. Anthony Bondi, Pastoral Vicar of the Western Rite Vicariate of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia served as master of ceremonies for the service where just prior to the Offertory, Bishop Jerome ordained Deacon David Kinghorn to the priesthood to continue his service at St. Cuthbert’s Church (Western Rite) in Providence, RI.

During his sermon, His Grace spoke of the importance of striking a balance in living our Orthodox faith, between on the one hand not attempting to live out the fullness of our faith at all, while on the other hand, we can try to live a life so Orthodox that we end up failing in the process by missing the spirit and truth of our faith.

Following the liturgy Fr. Anthony who also serves as dean of Holy Resurrection Seminary, the theological school of the Western Rite, presented Archpriest Seraphim Stephens with the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity in recognition of his work and support of the Western Rite of the Church.

The term “Western Rite” refers to those ancient Orthodox rites of the Church that existed in the west (i.e. Rome, Britain, etc.) prior to the Great Schism in 1054 A.D., when the Church was united in Faith both east and west.