Dear brothers and sisters into Christ!


I am happy to announce you that our church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that is named after St. Joseph of Optina, has purhcased 29 acres of land in the suburbs of the town for the construction of a new church.
The longsuffering church of the Hampton Roads area has been going towards this dream for about 32 years. Today we are taking this hard and lots of expenses demanding road towards the construction of the church. Our first plans are to build a wooden church in the Russian style.
At the moment our goal is to do some geodetic surveys on the land, preceding the beginning of the land preparations. At the same time we are consulting engineers, architects, construction companies on the architectural photo planned sketch.

We are going to inform you about every important step of these works on our internet sources:
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I wish you the help of The God-given Christ in your godly deeds.
Priest: Sergiy Kosov, rector of the church.

Ways to make donations:
Writing a check to: St. Joseph of Optina, Russian Orthodox Church and send it to:PO Box 64476 Virginia Beach, VA 23467

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