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Welcome to our new Pastor

We welcome Father Sergei and his matushka and their children, and matushka's mother to St Joseph of Optina Orthodox Church.

August 12th we will have a meet and greet of the new Pastor from 1 -3 pm at the Church.

The Divine Liturgy

"The Divine Liturgy, what a splendor, indeed!  Man has been honored by God in such a way that He Himself came down to earth with His Angelic Orders, every time there is a Liturgy, in order to nurture man with His Most Holy Body and His Most Precisous Blood!  For He has given us everything; is there anything physical or spiritual, perishable or everlasting that has not been offered to us?  None!  Is there anything superior to His Most Holy Body and Blood, which is given to us on a daily basis?  There is certainly not.  God has enabled man, who is of soil and dirt, to serve the Divine Liturgy.  So Priceless is the Divine Love that just a tiny drop exceeds any global, physical and secular love."  From Experiences During the Divine Liturgy, by Protopresbyter Stephanos K. Anagnostopoulos.


Come and join us each week to experience God's love and presence during His Divine Liturgy.

The Divine Liturgy is a sublime creation which enables man to abide without despair in spite of his distance from God, because it is God's own good pleasure to overshadow him each time he enters into His presence. And whenever we bring the best we can offer before God in the Liturgy, including our faithfulness throughout the absence of His grace, we receive life - His life.

- Elder Zacharias, Remember Thy First Love


Orthodoxy is the First Church. It is the living, unbroken continuation of the Faith as first given to the Apostles. This doesn't mean that the Orthodox Churches have researched and attempted to re-create the Primitive Church. It means that we live, pray and preach continuously and consistently every day since the time of the Apostles.

Since we don't believe in things like "development of doctrine," Orthodox teaching has been carefully safeguarded and faithfully passed down through the centuries. It is no stretch to say that a First-Century Christian who could somehow walk into an Orthodox church today would (after he adjusted to the architecture and the electricity) feel completely comfortable.

Parish Calendar
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The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is that part of the Russian Church which is outside the boundaries of the Russian State, governed at the present time by a Chief Hierarch and a Synod of Bishops chosen by the Sobor of Bishops of the Russian Diaspora.

To learn more about ROCOR, please click on the "Learn More" button above.

Contact Information
Parish address:
810 Kempsville Road,
Suite 5
Virginia Beach, VA  23464

Mailing address:
PO Box 64476
VirginiaBeach, VA  23467

For English please call:
Parish:  (757) 390-2426

For Russian please call:
(757) 339-8295

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Upcoming Events & Services
Saturday, 12 / 25 August
5:00 Vespers
Sunday, 13 / 26 August
9:30 Hours & Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 19 August / 1 September
5:00 Vespers
Sunday, 20 August / 2 September
9:30 Hours & Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 26 August / 8 September
5:00 9th Hour and Vespers

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